A message from Peter Mudge and Gwendoline Wijenberg

Thursday, 26th August 2010

Peter and Gwendoline,  parents also of Christopher Mudge, who lost their daughter Nicola Mudge on 30 July 2006, aged 9 years 10 months write: We support the work of Constellation Project Australia and its provision of relevant information to families, and especially its capacity for sharing those stories and messages which will be of help to those many people who have lost children through cancer and brain tumours. Our story is that we continue to grieve for our daughter and yet feel her presence in many ways throughout the year and each day. What we have learnt is that we have to go through the darkness and brokenness of grief and not skirt around it, avoid it, forget it, or block it out. Our daughter is still present to us in a spiritual sense even though she has gone physically from this earth. We also continue to ask questions about the meaning of sickness, death and suffering, of the after life, and ways in which those who have died still have a spiritual relationship and even ‘communication’ with those of their family and friends still living on earth, beyond photos and memories. We are in the process of writing Nicola’s story so that hopefully it can help others experiencing the same wrenching situation and asking at least some of the same questions.