Our Mission and Goals

Mission Constellation

The Constellation Project Australia website is committed to providing information and support of the highest quality to bereaved family and community members who have lost children to cancer.

Our Goals

Constellation Project Australia is a constant  'work in progress'. From our research so far, we have identified the following project goals:

1.  To help ensure that the memories of children and young people who have lost their lives to cancer are preserved and honoured by the community.

2. To provide  grief education material for all people who may be affected by the loss of a child.

3. To work with community groups to make information relevant and accessible to people of all cultures.

4. To reduce some of the adverse effects which this profound loss can have, such as anxiety, loneliness, isolation and physical illness.

5. To provide practical information that parents and carers might need after their child has died.

6. To provide opportunities for parents, siblings, grandparents and other extended family members with the opportunity to communicate with, and receive support from, others who have experienced a similar loss.

7. To  support  professionals in their efforts to provide support to people who have lost children to cancer.